Mr Foster stayed at the Royal Park Apartments

I had an excellent stay at royal park apartments the staff and manager were very helpful and very friendly people couldnt have asked for better and the rooms were lovely all in all i would never stay anywhere else in jomtien or pattaya again.

The Royal Park apartments is very close to the beach and all public transport, a great place to have a holiday

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  1. Mr. T. Flynn says:

    Tommy O’Flynn, Vancouver, Canada

    The pictures on the website tell the true story. One can see the level of fit and finish of the place. It is rather new and is not worn out. The materials used were first rate. The owners wanted the place to last so that they can stay in Pattaya.

    What you can not see is that this place is ideal for those who like a subdivision located apartment. It is a rare find. The apartment is a bit out of place surrounded by homes. It is located in a gated subdivision with cameras everywhere. Most other serviced apartments are right on the road. Most main roads in Pattaya are busy. A 2 block walk gets you to a road whereupon a truck like open air bus to either the center of Jomtein beach in five minutes or down to South Pattaya in 12 minutes or so. So if your in town for awhile this is a bonus unless your live on the highway back home.

    There is no restaurant or bar on premise. The owner while he can manage a hotel struck out when having others run a restaurant. On my advice after a few meals he turned it into another suite. That apartment has not been vacant ever since.

    The pool although small is fair in the sense it is deep enough to dive and one can get to the other side without needing to come up for air. So if you are not that fit you can at least make it to the other side with some sort of a paddle. When the wind is not blowing too hard, the roof deck is a choice place with a decent beach view of one side.

    The elevators are a big plus. The air con is more than adequate and seems to be designed for heat that I did not experience yet.

    The parking has enough spaces and is suited for motorcycles, too.

    Everything in the building works from the plumbing to the wireless internet which has increased in speed after years of me complaining to that shareholder. Well it took a few providers to determine who could really deliver the speed needed. The wireless signal is strong in all areas of the building with the rooftop being the best.

    What you can’t see or determine on this website is that for the money apples to apples Royal Park represents a great value for the money at this price level.

    The shareholder although you may have a hard time to understanding him with his conflicted English/Irish accent I am certain he will be sure to treat all paying guests with a good dose of old fashioned hospitality that is hard to come by these days.

    He is well suited for this line of work. He will go out of his way to make sure your stay is safe and comfortable.

    I wish him, the staff and Royal Park all the best and to keep up the good work. And I wish this post will increase my discount upon my return in October please God or Buddha for that matter.

    I highly recommend Mags restaurant 200 meters away. A fine couple from England will fix you up with all kinds of fare at a reasonable price. My fav dish is the Big Breakfast. There is a 7-11 100 meters away so supplies are easily purchased in a rather large and efficient 7-11.

    Although the website

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